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Casa Gaspar 

Ciudad de origen:  
GPS location:   Latitude: 42.55040 - Length: 0.46990
Street address: Av. Molsa, 28 - 22467 Sesué (Huesca)


It is located in the ideal Valley of Benasque with Romanesque parish and hermitage with Lombard influences and another, Saint Saturdnino, from the XVII-XVIII centuries. There are four specific routes for the hiking lovers: Sesué-Hermitahe Saint Saturnino, PR-HU 85 (Sesué-Hermitage of Saint Saturnino-Reservoir of Linsoles), the route BTT and the Via Ferrate “El Castellaso” which is a sportive itinerary by the rock mass equipped with a cable, steps and different elements to make easy the progression and the security. There is traditional and artisanal cheese, as well as magnificent views.


* Su iglesia parroquial del siglo XII es de estilo románico-lombardo, de una nave culminada en un ábside semicircular. La portada rehecha en el siglo XVI.
* Ermitas de San Saturnino construida entre los siglos XVII y XVIII.
* Ermita de San Pedro, de los siglos. XVII al XVIII, de estilo románico-lombardo.
* Recientemente se ha equipado la Vía Ferrata del Castellaso,una de las más impresionantes del pirineo.

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